Fighting to Save Lives

with Eddie Jimenez, Decorated Veteran Helicopter Crew Chief

See how Eddie Jimenez helped save lives, by risking his own.

He flew toward danger, not away.

Fighting Spirit

When the strongest hurricane in over a century made landfall, Eddie Jimenez and his rescue helicopter crew flew straight into the storm. Not once, but dozens of times.

As the proud son of immigrant parents, who fought for a better life for him here, Eddie felt that he owed it to his country to serve. By the time Hurricane Katrina subsided, over 40 civilians owed Eddie and his crew their lives. Flying into danger was just part of the job, but this was a storm like no other. Eddie flew with a fighting spirit that could not be pinned to the ground. And for that, he was awarded his branch’s highest honor. But for Eddie, it was never about medals. It was about giving back to his country.

“I felt it was a calling. I felt it was my duty.”