Fighting for Perfection

with Jorge Burgos, Modelo Master Brewer

What does it take to truly master something? See how Jorge Burgos embraced every challenge on his way to becoming Modelo’s master brewer.

To be a Master You Must Keep Learning.

Fighting Spirit

Some say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill, others say it’s impossible. But Jorge Burgos believes that mastering anything takes dedication and a fighting spirit.

Jorge Burgos was raised on a hops farm, and even though he was practically born into the beer industry, he had little interest in it. Instead, he studied to become a biochemical engineer.

Eventually, Jorge used his engineering abilities to become a Master Brewer. Along the way, he mastered every facet of the brewing process; from washing the kegs to fermenting and filtering, Jorge Burgos learned everything he could about brewing Modelo beer.

Dedication is
what makes
the difference.”