Fighting for Honor

with Juan Rodriguez Chavez, Veteran

Juan Rodriguez Chavez, a proud veteran, believes that the key to success is persistence. Meet the war hero who honed his fighting spirit to save the lives of others.

Joining the Fight.Fighting for Better.

Fighting Spirit

In his six tours with the armed forces, Juan Rodriguez Chavez showed his fighting spirit when the moment mattered the most.

Former Gunnery Sgt. Rodriguez-Chavez has always been blessed with determination, and that determination was proven in the field of battle. In 2009, his platoon was ambushed. Four times during the attack, Rodriguez-Chavez put himself in harm’s way to save his brothers-in-arms. Through his relentless determination, bold initiative, and selfless dedication to duty, Gunnery Sergeant Rodriguez-Chavez has always exemplified a fighting spirit. 

“We’re there for the service members to the right and to the left of us.”