Fighting for the Beautiful Game

with Omar Gonzalez, Professional Soccer Player

Even something beautiful begins with the fighting spirit. Witness what it takes for Omar Gonzalez to excel in The Beautiful Game.

Success doesn’t comewithout sacrifice

Fighting Spirit

The path to success is paved with sacrifice; and when it comes to playing the beautiful game, things aren’t always beautiful.

Omar Gonzalez is one of the premier soccer players in the world. A first-round draft pick on a professional team, Omar has solidified his position as a world-class soccer player. But the path to success is paved with obstacles. When he started playing, he would use rocks as goal posts. To play on a competitive team, he relied on the sponsorship of a dear friend. Distraction after distraction, obstacle after obstacle, Omar Gonzalez never lost sight of his goals. He has fought tooth and nail to become an exceptional athlete on and off the field.

“No matter what’s thrown at you, be ready to fight back.”