The fighting spirit has found its natural home in the Octagon. Modelo is pleased to be The Official Beer of UFC. Modelo and UFC unite to celebrate the fighting spirit that pushes us forward.

Standing strong when there is nothing left except the will to keep fighting

The Ultimate Fighting Spirit

Underestimated. Overlooked. Overcoming insurmountable obstacles. Modelo and UFC have proved that anything is possible with a fighting spirit.

In the combat sports world, breaking points aren’t reached, they’re pursued. A lifetime of training and sacrifice boils down to a brief moment of fearlessness. Endless training sessions. A constant state of focus and determination. Standing strong when there is nothing left except the will to keep fighting.

Just as a true fighter never quits, Modelo continues to fight for better beer. There is no ceiling. There is no end. It’s just a continuation of improvement. Modelo and UFC are proud to announce this partnership and celebrate the fighting spirit that unites us all.

Follow the Fight

Modelo UFC
Modelo UFC
Modelo UFC

Knock-out punches. Hard-fought takedowns. You don’t want to miss a second of the action. Find a UFC event, grab a Modelo, and experience the fighting spirit.

Dana White

Shares His Fighting Spirit

“You just have to be a person with a vision and the passion to do it, and be willing to fight for it every day. If you have all of those things I promise you, you can be successful. You can change the world.” See how UFC President, Dana White, brought UFC to the forefront by fighting for what he believed in.