Modelo UFC

As the official beer of UFC, Modelo continually celebrates the Fighting Spirit that pushes us all forward. That’s why we have partnered with Amanda Nunes, who used her Fighting Spirit to go from being the only woman in her MMA training gym to a two-division UFC champion. Amanda’s incredible story is one of grit and perseverance, and it serves as inspiration for all those willing to fight for something better.

The drive of a champion

Fighting S Spirit

The Fighting Spirit is one we all share. And it’s why Amanda Nunes has never backed down from a challenge.

From the moment she first stepped into a MMA training gym in her hometown of Pojuca, Brazil, Amanda’s Fighting Spirit was a force to be reckoned with. Her prowess, tenacity, and willingness to take on any challenge quickly garnered her local acclaim and the nickname “The Lioness” from the rest of the gym’s fighters, all of whom were men. That tremendous drive and ambition would eventually lead Amanda to the U.S., where she fought through injuries, adversity and stereotypes to become the first woman in history to hold UFC championship belts in two different weight classes at the same time.

The Ultimate F Fighting Spirit

Underestimated. Overlooked. Overcoming insurmountable obstacles. Modelo and UFC have proved that anything is possible with a Fighting Spirit.

In the combat sports world, breaking points aren’t reached, they’re pursued. A lifetime of training and sacrifice boils down to a brief moment of fearlessness. Endless training sessions. A constant state of focus and determination. Standing strong when there is nothing left except the will to keep fighting.

Just as a true fighter never quits, Modelo continues to fight for better beer. There is no ceiling. There is no end. Only a continuation of improvement. Modelo and UFC are proud to continue celebrating the Fighting Spirit that unites us all.