Celebra la Vida with Modelo

Celebra la Vida with Modelo

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The first few days of November, people in Mexico and around the world honor the dead by celebrating life. Día de los Muertos – the Day of the Dead – is a 4000 year old tradition meant to remind people that death should not be feared, but accepted as part of life’s journey.

To pay homage to their deceased relatives, friends and family create beautiful retablos and ofrendas adorned with marigolds, colorful calaveras (skulls), candles, and more. While retablos often are wooden frames that enclose intricate paintings, they may also include sculptural elements as well. Both ofrendas and retablos are meant to celebrate the life their loved one lived before passing.

Day of the Dead comes to life in many ways across the globe, but one thing the celebrations all have in common is rejoicing with the food, drink, music, artwork, and activities that lost loved ones enjoyed in life.

This year, celebrate Día de los Muertos by celebrating life with Modelo.

“Celebrate life in the present and past”

FestiveRecipes & Cocktails

The Day of the Dead is a time to eat, drink and enjoy life. These recipes and cocktails are a great way to enrich your Día de los Muertos celebration.