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Well-balanced taste and light hop character with a crisp, clean finish. Modelo Especial is characterized by an orange blossom honey aroma with a hint of herb. Modelo Especial contains Water, Barley Malt, Non-malted Cereals and Hops.

( PER 12 FL. OZ. )

Brewed as a model of what good beer should be, this rich, full-flavored Pilsner-style Lager delivers a crisp, refreshing taste.

Brewed with taste that's pure gold

Brewed With the Fighting Spirit Since 1925

Fighting S de lucha

Modelo Especial is a beer born with the Fighting Spirit. It’s brewed with time, effort, and determination to create the model Mexican lager. Everyone knows that hard work deserves a fitting reward – a Pilsner-style Lager with a clean, crisp taste.

Celebrating Our Mexican Culture

Modelo Especial's Mexican culture is a large part of who we are. Since the first bottle came off the assembly line in 1925, Modelo Especial has been a part of Mexican culture. It's a fixture at major holidays, family celebrations, and friendly get-togethers from Sonora to Chiapas.

50,000 bottles of beer were served at the Modelo brewery’s grand opening celebration.

Cocktails &Recipes

With the help of talented chefs and bartenders from around the world, we’ve crafted a selection of delicious dishes and beer cocktails that represent the very best flavors of Mexico and beyond.


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For over 90 years, Modelo's brewmasters have crafted a perfectly balanced Pilsner-style Lager


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