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Modelo Negra being poured out of a beer can

Brewed longer to enhance the flavors, this Munich Dunkel-style Lager gives way to a rich flavor and remarkably smooth taste. Modelo Negra contains Water, Barley Malt, Non-malted Cereals and Hops.

( PER 12 FL. OZ. )

Modelo Negra being poured out of a beer can
Modelo Negra

O A Medium bodied lager with slow roasted caramel malts that is brewed to prove dark beer can deliver both full flavor and refreshing taste

brewing modelo negra take time but the reward is in the flavour

Take your beer wherever the night takes you with Modelo Negra’s can. Surprisingly smooth. Surprisingly crisp. Surprisingly now in a can.

​​​​​Modelo Negra’s rich flavor and smooth finish enhances any traditional Mexican recipe

Cocktails &Recipes

Modelo Negra's rich, smooth taste brings out the flavors of these Mexican-inspired recipes.


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Since 1925, our brewmasters have crafted a balanced, flavorful Munich Dunkel-style Lager


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