Modelo Chelada Especial
Modelo chelanda especial scroll bottol
Modelo Chelada Especial being poured out of a beer can Modelo Chelada Especial being poured out of a beer can
Chelada Cocktail

A michelada-style beer with the refreshing flavors of tomato, salt, and lime. Its authentic ingredients give way to delicious, well-balanced taste. This refreshing beverage is a classic michelada in a ready-to-serve can.

Modelo Chelada® Especial contains authentic Mexican beer, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Artificial Sweeteners, and Certified Colors.

( PER 12 FL. OZ. )

A quality chelada begins with a quality Beer

The Fight for Authenticity

Begins with Tradition

Cerveza C preparada

Brewed with the same quality and integrity as all Modelo beers, Modelo Chelada Especial is a classic michelada-style beer that’s perfect for kick-starting your evening or relaxing at home with friends. Modelo Chelada Especial is an authentic Mexican chelada made with tomato, salt, and lime. Reward your hard work with a flavorful Modelo Chelada Especial.

The Model for All Other Cheladas

Introducing Modelo Chelada Tamarindo Picante

A Fresh Twist on Tradition

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