Modelo chelada pina picante
Modelo chelada pina picante scroll bottle
Modelo Chelada Pina picante Modelo Chelada Pina picante
Modelo Chelada Pina picante

Modelo is proud to add the Modelo Chelada® Piña Picante™ to our line of Cheladas which honor the origin and tradition of the michelada. Just like our other Modelo Cheladas®, Limon y Sal and Mango y Chile, the Modelo Chelada® Piña Picante™ delivers the right balance for a delicious michelada-style beer.

( PER 12 FL. OZ. )


Modelo Chelada® Piña Picante™ is brewed to bring out the vibrant and authentic flavors of Mexico. These are delivered in perfect balance thanks to a mix of natural flavors from pineapple and mild chile peppers along with authentic Mexican beer.

Sweet flavour with dash of spice

Cerveza C Preparada

You can create your own authentic michelada experience with the Modelo Chelada® Piña Picante™. Garnish the rim of your glass with salty sweet chamoy and chile powder and, for even more refreshing flavor, mix in some pineapple juice and orange juice with a Modelo Chelada® Pina Picante™. To give your michelada an extra kick, throw in a shot of Casa Noble® Tequila, and enjoy.

Authentic Chelada

A dash of spice.

Sweet and refreshing flavors of pineapple

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