Modelo chelada pina picante
Modelo chelada pina picante scroll bottle
Modelo Chelada Pina picante Modelo Chelada Pina picante
Modelo Chelada Pina picante

Modelo Chelada® Sandía Picante brings notes of juicy fruit flavor with a hint of spice. These are delivered in perfect balance thanks to a mix of refreshing watermelon flavor, a hint of chile, and authentic Mexican beer

( PER 12 FL. OZ. )


Modelo is proud to add the Modelo Chelada® Sandía Picante to our line of Cheladas which honor the origin and tradition of the michelada. Just like our other flavor-forward Cheladas, the Modelo Chelada® Sandía Picante delivers the right balance for a delicious michelada-style beer.

A refreshing twist on a classic recipe

The Fight for Bold Flavors Begins With a Kick.

Cerveza C Preparada

Modelo Chelada® Sandía Picante is our newest twist on the traditional Mexican michelada. Like others in the Chelada lineup, it delivers the perfect combination of sweet and heat, with watermelon flavors balanced out by a hint of chile peppers.

For your own authentic michelada experience with the Modelo Chelada® Sandía Picante, garnish the rim of your glass with salty sweet chamoy and chile powder and, for even more refreshing flavor, mix in a splash of watermelon juice. To give your michelada an extra twist, throw in a shot of tequila, and enjoy.

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