One Holiday, Many Unique Celebrations

One Holiday, Many Unique Celebrations

September 15th marks the start of Hispanic Heritage Month as well as the day many North and Central American countries commemorate their Independence Day - Fiestas Patrias. Modelo recognizes not just Mexico’s Fighting Spirit on this holiday, but the Fighting Spirit of all countries and communities that have made significant contributions to the United States.

This year, join Modelo in toasting to the freedom of these countries. Because it doesn’t matter where you come from, it matters what you’re made of.

Mexico's M Celebration

While September 16th commemorates Mexican Independence from Spain, the party begins the night before on September 15th. At 11 p.m., Mexico’s President rings the National Palace bell and re-enacts Father Miguel Hidalgo’s “Grito de Dolores” or Cry of Dolores, which ends with three shouts of “Viva Mexico!” Father Miguel Hidalgo was a priest in the small town of Dolores who called to Mexicans to rise up and overthrow Spanish rule in 1810.

To honor the day, streets are filled with flags, flowers, lights, and spectators who gather for parades, rodeos, bullfights and fireworks. Like many Mexican fiestas, music plays a large role in celebrating the country’s freedom, and can be heard from everywhere as people dance and enjoy themselves.

Chile's C Celebration

Chile celebrates its country’s independence on September 18, also known as the Dieciocho, in remembrance of the day in 1810 that Chilean leaders proclaimed self-government during the Napoleonic Wars. Actual independence came in April of 1818.

One day of fiestas isn’t enough for this revered holiday, and the party usually begins a week before the holiday itself. Each region of Chile celebrates slightly differently and has unique traditions, but one consistent theme is Chilenedad – which is a term used to describe cultural expressions that originated in Chile. Some of these Chilenidad activities include kite flying competitions, rodeos, dancing the cueca, and enjoying delicious empanadas.

Guatemala's G Celebration

Fiestas Patrias is one of the more celebrated national holidays in Guatemala. Like many of the other countries, Guatemala’s celebration of Independence is filled with great music, food, and entertainment.

Unique to Guatemala’s Fiestas Patrias is the “Antorcha de la Independencia”. The night before the holiday, torch bearers run through the streets in honor of the independence hero María Dolores Bedoya. She carried a lantern through the streets of Guatemala as a symbol of hope for the nation’s liberated future.

Celebración de P Perú

Fiestas Patrias in Peru honors not only the country’s independence, but the country’s veterans and soldiers. Throughout the entire month of July, the Peruvian national flag can be seen everywhere. Homes, local businesses, public and private institutions, schools, and even restaurants fly the flag in honor of the holiday.

On the morning of July 28, a national Roman Catholic Mass is held where the President and other important leaders attend. Shortly after Mass, the President gives an Address to the Nation. The following day on the 29th, The Great Military Parade is held. Decorations and bright colors fill the streets and begin yet another day of celebrations.

Recipes ofFiestas Patrias

Any fiesta de la Fiestas Patrias isn’t complete without each countries’ traditional dishes and drinks. Explore and enjoy the different flavors of the holiday using our recipe guide.